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You strike the match.
Let the flames glow bright,
through the night.
She spoke,
confessions of obsessions, my dear.
Lips caked in dust, in fear
they shake.
Leaving woes upon prose to crash in their wake.
To ride between lines,
on a page,
as they rust, as they age.
Her words,
trail into the air,
and the light begins to dim.
lost in the abyss, to kiss
the stars above.
Embers meet the ground,
words lost
in sight, in sound.
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Owl Eyes
My dear,
The love, you say, you fear,
But I’ve fallen for your eyes a thousand times.
Though walls and worlds apart,
It was you.
And the love we’d one day find,
Was confined
To the deepest depths of your mind.
So this,
My oath, my word, my vow,
To be a light year away from where we are now.
For with time, we shall grow.
And with time, we shall surely know,
Which way the winds want us to go,
Where to be.
Whether it be with you,
be with me.
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Dear remorse,
However long you may linger, I know
Brighter skies await.
Carry me upon the wings of a raven,
Haven of the soul, mind, soon entwined
With tales of woe from a world we used to know.
Lost in reverie, we'd breathe through smoke, through skies,
Golden smiles and violet eyes.
Sit upon the shoulders of giants,
Where the tainted seems pure.
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Through Closed Eyes
Through closed eyes,
you shine.
You remain,
in a mind so unkempt,
all I have ever dreamt.
But I must awaken, and rise with sun,
just to fall with the moon, for you, I do.
With lips sealed tight,
for I'm scared you'll know how I love you so.
When dreams collide,
they spill secrets once confined,
leaking truth and treachery from the windows of your mind.
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Our ships float close under sunlit skies,
hovering above Atlantis.
We claimed the ocean miles as our own,
an underwater district which we would call home.
Suffocate with Neptune,
as heavens burst through violet haze.
Your gaze,
splits the nebula, infinite space,
and explosions in a faraway place.
And when the sun should close its eyes,
you'll sail afar.
To climb electric vines,
and lay in the arms of the storm.
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When the butterflies caged in my ribs,
break free,
they'll guide you to me.
Explorations through infinity, following
an atlas through the stars,
illuminating felicity as they sail by.
flood the nebula with colour.
Drown in the kaleidoscope clouds,
and watch as butterflies,
drift between buttermilk skies.
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It feels like years have flown,
since the seeds of forever were sown,
and the gardens of eternity were grown.
I grabbed you by the hand,
fed you words you'd never understand.
Our trust and devotion were new,
but so rapidly they grew,
and the garden the world once knew,
became wild.
Our vines stretch to the skies,
and continue to rise, even today,
they tickle the stars a lifetime away.
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Set sail,
on your voyage to felicity,
with no vessel but the butterfly wings on your back
to guide you home.
Your atlas is amongst the stars,
routes of silver rivers, and diamond constellations in the sky,
to follow as you fly.
And when you reach the radiant splendour,
through your night-time tunnel of eternal abyss,
You'll fall like platinum rain to the floor,
when your wings are too weak to soar.
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I never knew how quickly I would go,
from the person you loved,
to a person you used to know.
So quickly, you turned,
from the love that I yearned,
to a love that I never deserved.
I walk these velvet tightropes, between
the lovers, the loved and the lonely.
Never to know where I fall, if at all,
but for you, I do,
even though I'm just words on a page,
in due time, our love will be new
once more,
because it's all that we have to live for.
Our distant endeavors may appear bleak,
from the woe that the past has shown me.
But these are the words I've been longing to speak,
to the lovers, the loved and the lonely.
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Bright lights,
with me, venture into the fairground,
carnival music and strobe lights surround
you and I.
We ride this ferris wheel to the sky,
taste the galaxy, sing this symphony of starlight
from the heavens.
Fall from the glowing nebula,
and hypnotise ourselves on teacups. Spinning
like records, midnight melodies.
Sprint through the house of mirrors,
confirmation of imagination.
A chance to reflect in reflection,
and embrace this child-like affection.
I climb the observation tower, and
see you foxtrot through the fields of infinity,
and divebomb into my arms.
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We draw dots on our hands and connect.
A warmer existence belongs in the distance.

Our cool blue shadows,
crushing crystals beneath their feet.
Exhaling snowflake smoke onto your neck,
and drink from your mulled wine lips.
The fairy lights bounce from your eyes,
into mine, colours swirling
through the thin, distant air, biting at your cheeks.
We'll stand under trees,
like gifts. Wrapped up
and snapped by the frost.
I'm of good cheer,
stood here,
with you.
A yuletide kiss in the arctic bliss.
All I want for Christmas is us.
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I remember,
when your smile,
made my day worthwhile.
But now,
should our eyes meet,
your pupils shoot down to your feet.
The days,
when your hand would greet mine,
and our fingers align,
seem so far,
a million light years from where we now are.
If I could travel through the past,
through the memories which I have amassed,
to the day that we met,
and witness that first glance,
I'd feel no regret.
Our lips would connect,
and our feelings infect, each other,
with ease,
the moments of time when the time seemed to freeze.
Those days, forever I'll recall,
despite we pretend they never happened at all.
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She said,
"you only accept the love that you feel you deserve,
from the people you feel you deserve it from.
And though the love may be true,
I just can't accept that it's coming from you."
Diamonds flood your eyes,
like the oceans of crystals that fall from the skies.
Your twenty-four karat skin, which used to shine,
may not rust,
but begins to erode to dust.
Particles bounce into light, and
explode into sight,
like the stars in the sky, which light up the night.
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Silver River System
I sit,
staring into the sky,
the stars tell me everything I should've told you.
If she knew,
what I had to say,
and now she's twenty-million light years away.
I pray,
maybe one day she'll come home,
or cross the same path as my own.
Again we'll meet, fall, love,
and then one day,
you'll tell me it's through,
and the stars will be telling me everything I should've told you.
:iconaaronbyrnepoetry:aaronbyrnepoetry 2 1
When the hours were ours,
the minutes knew no limits,
and the days just flew away,
nothing to halt, nothing to delay.

Gazing up into twilight skies,
you're there, the raindrops from your eyes.
Puddles of joy, streams of glee,
remind me that you're still here with me.
The thunder, your laugh,
and the sunshine, your smile.
The weather makes all of the time worth while.
And sometimes, there's fog,
and a thick mist will lay,
but you're still showing us the way,
minute by minute, day by day.
We'll race to the birds and burst through their crowds,
Together, our hearts will fly.
Your face breaks light between the darkest clouds,
Because you're the star I'll follow to the sky.
:iconaaronbyrnepoetry:aaronbyrnepoetry 1 0
Sweetheart Introvert
Sweetheart Introvert,
blinded by the butterflies,
hidden in a cloak made out of cowardice.
In a land,
where courage is discouraged,
and confidence is key to a broken lock.
Where the feelings and fondness,
can fill up your head.
But she can't consume the words,
unless they are said.
On the back of your lungs,
on the tip of your tongue,
are the words you've been yearning to say all along.
Do you wish you knew,
what she thinks?
When she smiles, when she laughs,
when she breathes, when she blinks?
When she pleads, when she sighs,
when she dreams, when she cries?
When she needs someone,
who will always be there,
to show her a smile,
to show her the care,
she deserves. To comfort her
when the loneliness hurts.
Sweetheart Introvert,
confined to her wish,
that someone exists,
that feels the same as this.
:iconaaronbyrnepoetry:aaronbyrnepoetry 1 0



Aaron Byrne
Artist | Literature
United Kingdom
Every atom in the universe was once part of a star.
Human beings are made of the remains of stars.

I'm Aaron, I'm eighteen years old, and I hope you enjoy my work.

Also, if you could like my poetry page (…) then I would be happy. Every single 'like' means the world to me. So thank you.

Thanks very much!


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